Wednesday, 1 January 2014

On This Cracked Road

On this cracked road have I intrepidly trodden,
Burnt my own will and risen like the sun, shone like the moon
Surrendered and blazed
For this inner serenity must I dare taste ever and anon!

The wilder winds gall as if the world’s offers nothing fair, while
The dry season’s scorching heat defile like what knows no nature
And the chained ones mask in drenched sweat
Like slaves their feet mutter and clutter the baked soil
Clad in rags and gracefully eating a rats meal
For they were unfaithful to ponder over their masters mischief
And since they aren't escapologists, for they are the hunter’s meat.

On this cracked road
Lies the walls of brevity and grossed fear
Beyond the ‘mansions’ of those lumped eyed skinny children
Where being a woman’s profane,
Sacredly expected to cling and warm on misguided torture, rape
And as the god’s wink in shame at her honor waged deaths,
Another God wonders what’s become of his vicegerent.

On this Cracked Road,
Tiresome and tear some it keeps erupting
Giggling as I perish, but Nay!
So has my soul hardened like a frozen rock, and
No matter the hurricanes or trenched ridges encountered
Have I vowed to continue,
Continue to derange myself with love in love to love
To be that serial drunkard hold unto the glass of caged peace
Paradoxically waiting for the apartheid to vanquish
And his soul rests in open freed peace bred space.

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