Friday, 3 January 2014

The Luncheon of Rains

Like an uninvited guests is begins its course of “sspwwahhh”
And little by little its strength bangs the skies and the earth
For the beloved next is waxing in my shoulder
And the road to the table is next

When the callings of the floods appear
This crisping hope begins to disappear
Like a leaf shelled off its parent so bred into a desperado
Hoping that it was never the luncheon rains
That cuddled the pocket tsunamis

O luncheon rains,
Business has become stuck and the phone calls coming are wilder and cold
Giving new instructions from the resilient boss
That the end is near
That my lucks become as much as milking a hen
And I keep inquisitively looking at the skies counting the unseen stars

Pondering, when will you stop?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

On This Cracked Road

On this cracked road have I intrepidly trodden,
Burnt my own will and risen like the sun, shone like the moon
Surrendered and blazed
For this inner serenity must I dare taste ever and anon!

The wilder winds gall as if the world’s offers nothing fair, while
The dry season’s scorching heat defile like what knows no nature
And the chained ones mask in drenched sweat
Like slaves their feet mutter and clutter the baked soil
Clad in rags and gracefully eating a rats meal
For they were unfaithful to ponder over their masters mischief
And since they aren't escapologists, for they are the hunter’s meat.

On this cracked road
Lies the walls of brevity and grossed fear
Beyond the ‘mansions’ of those lumped eyed skinny children
Where being a woman’s profane,
Sacredly expected to cling and warm on misguided torture, rape
And as the god’s wink in shame at her honor waged deaths,
Another God wonders what’s become of his vicegerent.

On this Cracked Road,
Tiresome and tear some it keeps erupting
Giggling as I perish, but Nay!
So has my soul hardened like a frozen rock, and
No matter the hurricanes or trenched ridges encountered
Have I vowed to continue,
Continue to derange myself with love in love to love
To be that serial drunkard hold unto the glass of caged peace
Paradoxically waiting for the apartheid to vanquish
And his soul rests in open freed peace bred space.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


In the paths of shaken identity
Far away from the woods of the wanderlust
Where those little birds nested and hatched
Where the jumpy rabbits reclined in joy
And the deer recollected
Is the same path that I met you actively gait like a peacock
As I was walking aimlessly and trouble troubled
In search for a life
Never to waste myself with the natives
And since the discovery telecasts have turned the pages afar
For you is all I want untimely and ultimately desire
And from the jungle to the mountains we can seek a haven
Till nature pleases the traces of its fate

“O You Word!”

In the springs of hope
In the rackets of delight
In the Nights of flavour
A voice is calling
Calling beyond the sieged wall
Like a chameleon trampling on a thorn of peace
Twitched to make it scorching brown
Meandering upon the searched answers

O beloved wilderness abundant
East West vast not enough for me
Like here in my little cave
For comings with divine and divergence
For thy stay conjugates a melodious heart
Far richest from the world’s best crystals and treasuries
O you word, word of divine mysteries of love
Full of love and wined in love
Love -love loving and itself more than love,
For this your words spread from the deserts of divine calling
And I romantically wish to listen last lasting

For the next seconds I possess none of its keys.

How Now Boiling Pain?

Oh thee Boiling pain
Your venomous rail of fire have trampled all over my body
Making me a servant of grossed attention
Like a withered petal at dawn
Left unnoticing none of the yellowish-blazing bright sun above at sunset
That once came to life
Came to perish

I speak to none and feel none but only you
Your grossed powers have conquered all of my chambers
Engulfed even the very deep corners of those pounding chambers
And since no part escapes your rancor
Your boils vow to extend these servitude pains
And now I am brut and bears the brunt
Like no good has ever reached me ever since

How now boiling pain
Cracked and demolished you’ve bequeathed
Your quenching roots are like a volcano forced out
You tame yourself through me like an earthquake
Shattering in midst plains, valley and those unfortunate cities
I feel and I feel not
For I have turned out a mortal-immortal like material
Because your grumbles and parasitic guest hood have made me numb

O boiling pain paved itself in this Rift Valley body,
Desperado you deem to subject me indeed
Like an incumbent storm that has swept across all the fields
Your visitation purports only evil and discomfort
But I despair not!
For thou will disappear like dew
Fly away like vapor recalled
My soul fears not your whims of deception and delusion
Here it comes standing firm in every boiling point in me
That my conquest will thrive and your battalions be destroyed
For I will stand again!

How now boiling pain
Proud be not, for the East West, North South belongs a dominion
None reacheth but the soul and it’s rejoined
Thee conquers me a little to test taste your spells of venom
For that’s trivial
For the Most Merciful Peaceful is with me
And by letting your impatience to take its course
You will vanish like you never existed
Like you never came
O thee boiling pain!

Written on 11th Nov. 2012; Time: Around 10:16 PM

Money Paper Adornment

My migraines are pounding and I wish they could cease
But they cease not, for the thought of you scoundrels
For thy face is double patched like a street beggar
And with good you water the mouths and defile the recipients mind
But with evil you have corrupted entirely everything of the caretaker
The air you breathe is no more what our ancestors heaved
For the stench of your glamour and melancholy reign high
The similitude of your sweetened hidden evil and confidant good is so transparent
That hearts rest and reign in rancor, dispossession, cold blood and shunned brotherhood
For the sane insane indeed

O money- a transformed modern paper adornment
So golden than gold, so silvery than silver, so bronzed, coined and eloped flat
Coiled with the recurring evils from the past
Thou’ came here to carry the world afar
To where the souls are traded for admonition or redemption
For mine hangs in the balance
Like a solemn sparrow it wonders wander and travels obliviously
For the Most Provident is nigh
For the adornments are timely tests and visitors like a couch laid on.

Was written on 05th Jan. 2013    Time: Around 12:40AM

Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Last Of Those Little Nights

The winds blew west and East
All eyes mounted with allure and passion
And continuously scorned my moves and motives
For this friendship forsaken
For this untidiness in love games I play made created strangeness
For my silence is too far Western
For the longingness of the old days winked and smiled
Like the days we clustered and ran in the gooseberry fields
Like two angels inseparable

Never Never Never!
It was the last of those little wavy nights
That we gave up everything and I surrendered
Like a broken Lilly I hoped for more
Only to wake and I'd been left me a gift of swanky jacket
To keep away the cold of the Ugandan wetness
For the strangeness cast into marriage and couriered to the East
For I was an island now left hopelessly hoping
And the future is surely unknown

Surrendered and Willed

In the reigns of hope and disaster
In the traumas and illusions of time
So does melancholy take its insured toll
For the future is quite unpredictable

In the saga of rise and in sages of trust
So does a mixture a confusion of ideas peak and park
For the presumed unfairness of the world is a just evil
Reckoned to be fought
For the motivated self mounts fighting endlessly

Nay, o you traumatized soul
For the awakening’s dawned near with the love birds gone bewildered
And like falls and fountains enthusiasm builds quite stronger
With elated vibrancy have I have surrendered
Cast the faced past of troubles and ready to future
For this seed of change sprouting and blowing trust inside and in every pore of my skin
Leaves me like a candle in flames ready to light for a century

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Here I come

Here I come
Like a Lilly that grows and floats on the lake
Like a dove that flatters its wings causing awe, harmony, and expectations
Here I come...

When the clouds mince coldness
and little words spelled out of the cage
rolling pearls endless seek haven on the bottom of the ocean
Making nature attacks to let the ostrich crave for its eggs, peacock with pride swing its tail wide
There comes you my heart to its Mightiest endless whispering living whispers
Living whispers that never fade like narrow paths of mystery

That Here I come...Here I come indeed!