Wednesday, 27 November 2013

How Now Boiling Pain?

Oh thee Boiling pain
Your venomous rail of fire have trampled all over my body
Making me a servant of grossed attention
Like a withered petal at dawn
Left unnoticing none of the yellowish-blazing bright sun above at sunset
That once came to life
Came to perish

I speak to none and feel none but only you
Your grossed powers have conquered all of my chambers
Engulfed even the very deep corners of those pounding chambers
And since no part escapes your rancor
Your boils vow to extend these servitude pains
And now I am brut and bears the brunt
Like no good has ever reached me ever since

How now boiling pain
Cracked and demolished you’ve bequeathed
Your quenching roots are like a volcano forced out
You tame yourself through me like an earthquake
Shattering in midst plains, valley and those unfortunate cities
I feel and I feel not
For I have turned out a mortal-immortal like material
Because your grumbles and parasitic guest hood have made me numb

O boiling pain paved itself in this Rift Valley body,
Desperado you deem to subject me indeed
Like an incumbent storm that has swept across all the fields
Your visitation purports only evil and discomfort
But I despair not!
For thou will disappear like dew
Fly away like vapor recalled
My soul fears not your whims of deception and delusion
Here it comes standing firm in every boiling point in me
That my conquest will thrive and your battalions be destroyed
For I will stand again!

How now boiling pain
Proud be not, for the East West, North South belongs a dominion
None reacheth but the soul and it’s rejoined
Thee conquers me a little to test taste your spells of venom
For that’s trivial
For the Most Merciful Peaceful is with me
And by letting your impatience to take its course
You will vanish like you never existed
Like you never came
O thee boiling pain!

Written on 11th Nov. 2012; Time: Around 10:16 PM

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