Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Money Paper Adornment

My migraines are pounding and I wish they could cease
But they cease not, for the thought of you scoundrels
For thy face is double patched like a street beggar
And with good you water the mouths and defile the recipients mind
But with evil you have corrupted entirely everything of the caretaker
The air you breathe is no more what our ancestors heaved
For the stench of your glamour and melancholy reign high
The similitude of your sweetened hidden evil and confidant good is so transparent
That hearts rest and reign in rancor, dispossession, cold blood and shunned brotherhood
For the sane insane indeed

O money- a transformed modern paper adornment
So golden than gold, so silvery than silver, so bronzed, coined and eloped flat
Coiled with the recurring evils from the past
Thou’ came here to carry the world afar
To where the souls are traded for admonition or redemption
For mine hangs in the balance
Like a solemn sparrow it wonders wander and travels obliviously
For the Most Provident is nigh
For the adornments are timely tests and visitors like a couch laid on.

Was written on 05th Jan. 2013    Time: Around 12:40AM

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