Wednesday, 27 November 2013

“O You Word!”

In the springs of hope
In the rackets of delight
In the Nights of flavour
A voice is calling
Calling beyond the sieged wall
Like a chameleon trampling on a thorn of peace
Twitched to make it scorching brown
Meandering upon the searched answers

O beloved wilderness abundant
East West vast not enough for me
Like here in my little cave
For comings with divine and divergence
For thy stay conjugates a melodious heart
Far richest from the world’s best crystals and treasuries
O you word, word of divine mysteries of love
Full of love and wined in love
Love -love loving and itself more than love,
For this your words spread from the deserts of divine calling
And I romantically wish to listen last lasting

For the next seconds I possess none of its keys.

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