Saturday, 23 November 2013

Surrendered and Willed

In the reigns of hope and disaster
In the traumas and illusions of time
So does melancholy take its insured toll
For the future is quite unpredictable

In the saga of rise and in sages of trust
So does a mixture a confusion of ideas peak and park
For the presumed unfairness of the world is a just evil
Reckoned to be fought
For the motivated self mounts fighting endlessly

Nay, o you traumatized soul
For the awakening’s dawned near with the love birds gone bewildered
And like falls and fountains enthusiasm builds quite stronger
With elated vibrancy have I have surrendered
Cast the faced past of troubles and ready to future
For this seed of change sprouting and blowing trust inside and in every pore of my skin
Leaves me like a candle in flames ready to light for a century

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