Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Last Of Those Little Nights

The winds blew west and East
All eyes mounted with allure and passion
And continuously scorned my moves and motives
For this friendship forsaken
For this untidiness in love games I play made created strangeness
For my silence is too far Western
For the longingness of the old days winked and smiled
Like the days we clustered and ran in the gooseberry fields
Like two angels inseparable

Never Never Never!
It was the last of those little wavy nights
That we gave up everything and I surrendered
Like a broken Lilly I hoped for more
Only to wake and I'd been left me a gift of swanky jacket
To keep away the cold of the Ugandan wetness
For the strangeness cast into marriage and couriered to the East
For I was an island now left hopelessly hoping
And the future is surely unknown

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